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Urban Rebounder did for rebounding what J.K. Rowling did for reading. With their extensive collection of workout DVD’s, rebounding in your home has never been more fun.

Urban Rebounder is a company owned by JB Berns, who also makes other exercise videos, like martial arts and dance videos. JB Berns is one of the top personal trainers in American to be sure.

The easiest way to do rebounding exercise at home is probably to use Urban Rebounder. You can buy a bundle from them which includes a folding rebounder and several workout videos, all for under $100. That’s an amazing deal.

Their DVD collections are great because you don’t have to try and come up with something to do on your rebounder all on your own. You also don’t have to keep an eye on the clock to wonder if you have worked out for long enough.

The quality of the Urban Rebounder itself is not fantastic, but its much better than you would expect from a rebounder under $100. There isn’t a warranty on parts, but they do sell replacement parts for very little and their website has instruction manuals for how to change any part on the rebounder.

You can notice the bounce on the Urban Rebounder is not as soft and smooth as something like a Bellicon, but that’s only when you set them side by side. If you use an Urban Rebounder every day with a video, you will hardly notice that the bounce is a bit stiff compared to a top of the line bungee band rebounder.

All in all this will get the job done, and you cannot beat the price. If you are new to rebounding and are looking at how to get started, Urban Rebounder is perfect for you.

Our Recommendation: If you are on a shoe string budget or new to rebounding, we highly recommend the Urban Rebounder. If you already have a rebounder or really want a different brand, that’s great, you should still get the Urban Rebounder videos as they will really help you get more out of your rebounding exercise.

3 thoughts on “Urban Rebounder Reviews

  1. I have tried an Urban Rebounder and it is very, very similar to a ReboundAIR. They look about the same size, have quarter folding mechanism things and have similar looking springs. I prefer the ReboundAIR as it feels a bit smoother and softer to me, but honestly, not by much. I think Urban Rebounder is better than you give them credit for.

  2. I agree with Dan that it is similar to the ReboundAIR. It’s shape and size are almost identical. I don’t think the Urban Rebounder’s springs are as high quality as the springs on the ReboundAIR. The DVD that comes with the Urban Rebounder is very useful though, it really does make it ultra simple to get a good workout in.

  3. I tried this rebounder. It has a good firm bouncing surface and seems to be quality made since it has the springs. There was a nice bar that can be attached. You can hold onto it to help you keep your balance which was kind of nice if you need it for certain exercises. It was in a convenient position out in front so that it doesn’t interfere with the bouncing. It had a good bounce to it, but was just a bit firm. I prefer a softer, deeper bounce like the kind that you get on an outdoor larger trampoline.

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