Sunny Rebounder Reviews

Sunny Rebounder image

The rebounder mini-trampoline by Sunny Health & Fitness is a piece of crap. It hardly deserves a write up, but people really need to be warned.

Your first red flag is a 120-day parts warranty. That’s a mere four months. They’re so confident they make a great product that they will guarantee you it will last at least four months. That inspires confidence.

The diameter is only 36″ or 40″ which isn’t bad, but there are larger rebounders out there. Larger mats should give a softer bounce, but the Sunny is the exception to this rule.

You know you should be careful when you buy your rebounder from the same company that will sell you a treadmill, exercise bike or foot massager.

To make matters worse, Sunny themselves refer to it as a trampoline, not a rebounder. Obviously they aren’t using the best springs in the world.

They also make 8ft trampolines. They clearly don’t specialize in rebounders at all.

The Sunny rebounder will barely hold 200 lbs. Get the 40″ if you weigh any more than that. Wait, scratch that, don’t get the 40″, don’t get the 36″, don’t get any rebounder that says Sunny on it.

Our Recommendation: The Sunny mini-trampoline makes a better paper weight than a rebounder. Don’t use this thing or you could hurt yourself.