Stamina Rebounder Reviews

Stamina Rebounder image

The Stamina rebounder is pretty much worthless. If you understand the health benefits of rebounding and really want to get a rebounder for as little as possible, then yeah, you could get this, but it’s not even worth it.

You can find a Stamina rebounder for around $60. One rule with rebounders is that you should always be very cautious with any model for less than $100.

Another red flag would be the 5 year frame warranty and 90 day warranty on parts. That’s right, three months, that’s it. That should speak to the quality of this rebounder more than anything.

If the manufacturer will only vouch for the product for three months while others will give you a lifetime warranty, you can be assured you are getting what you pay for if you want this cheap rebounder.

Stamina has a specific model they call the InTone Jogger. This is just their other normal rebounder with a handlebar attached to it. Don’t be fooled, it still sucks too.

The poor quality of their rebounders is actually a potential harm to you. A rough, uneven bounce can actually hurt your joints and body.

Rebounding is only effective when done properly, and you can’t do it properly with garbage rebounders like these.

Our Recommendation: Do not buy this. If you want to spend as little as possible on a rebounder but still want something that won’t hurt you, then Urban Rebounder is for you.