ReboundAIR Rebounder Reviews

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ReboundAIR makes a great rebounder and backs it up with the best warranty in the industry- lifetime on all parts. Basically they will replace your rebounder at any time if it ever breaks on you.

ReboundAIR was founded by Al Carter, the pioneer of the rebounding industry. Since 1977 he has been researching rebounding, writing books about rebounding and building rebounders. He is basically the authority on rebound exercise.

The ReboundAIR has essentially been developed over the last 28 years. It was Carter who first created the folding hinge design. It was Carter who first invented a steel frame. He has been on the forefront of innovation in rebounding.

One of the best features of the ReboundAIR is that it can come in non folding, half folding or even quarter folding. This rebounder is incredibly easy to store.

The bounce feels smooth and soft on a ReboundAIR. It’s probably not quite as soft as the Bellicon, but what is? The ReboundAIR also doesn’t cost nearly the same as a Bellicon, coming in at about $305 – $365.

Considering its history, quality, lifetime warranty and affordable price, the ReboundAIR probably offers the best value of any rebounder.

Our Recommendation: All things considered, this is the best rebounder you can buy. No other rebounder can offer the value of a ReboundAIR.

5 thoughts on “ReboundAIR Rebounder Reviews

  1. I have used an old Gold’s Gym rebounder from Walmart, and I thought it bounced fine until I stepped onto the ReboundAIR. Now the ReboundAIR is a bit noisier, but it has springs and the Gold’s Gym one I used uses weak elastic band things. But the bounce on the ReboundAIR is so much better. I actually feel like it propels me up in the air, rather than just giving me a kind of soft surface to land on. The difference in quality was amazing. The funny thing is I didn’t know the Gold’s Gym rebounder was even bad until I tried a really high quality one. At least I know now, and the ReboundAIR is the only one I’ll ever use again.

  2. My wife bought me a ReboundAIR and I love it! I use it to supplement my weight lifting routine. After a hard workout at the gym the last thing I want to do is go to the cardio room. Having a ReboundAIR at home allows me to get my Cardiovascular Exercise each day and it takes up virtually no space. The High quality springs ensure that my joints won’t get beat up like they do when I hit the treadmill.

  3. i recently purchased the rebounder air and im very impressed with the results. i have been using it for only one week and i can feel the difference. to anyone that wants a relaxing exercise you wont be sorry

  4. I never thought I could get such a good workout from from this excellent piece of workout equipment. It was a bit more expensive than other trampolines that I was looking at, but once you step on this bad boy you can really tell its superiority to all other trampolines. It seems like it actually does some of jumping for you. Which is good news for me because my knees are not in the best shape. After I learned some aggressive jumping techniques I was stoked to also find out that jumping was actually more effective exercise than running on a treadmill. This trampoline can’t be beat and is backed by a lifetime warranty. My best purchase of the year, as far as health is concerned. I recommend this to all people that are thinking about getting a solid and relatively easy workout.

  5. After I learned about the fitness benefits of a small trampoline I decided to try the ReboundAir and it exceeded my expectations. I only had to jump for a few minutes a day to get the same results as my morning jog. I loved that I don’t feel strain on my joints like I do when I jog. What a great way to exercise.

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