Needak Rebounder Reviews

needak rebounder image

Needak makes a great lineup of rebounders. You can get them in either folding or non folding as well as soft bounce (for lighter people) or hard bounce (for heavier people).

It’s always nice when a rebounder manufacturer recognizes that one size does not necessarily fit all. This is why they have a soft bounce model for most average sized people who do average exercises and a hard bounce model for heavier folks and aggressive exercising, like with athletes.

All of the Needak models come in either black or blue as well, so it’s nice to have some customization there. All the different options make a Needak run from $280 – $349.

Needak rebounders come with a lifetime warranty which is incredible. They are very comparable to ReboundAIR in the quality of their construction.

When it comes to quality of bounce, the Needak is pretty great. There is a nice bounce that is soft and even.

Needak has several customer reviews on their website which are quite interesting. Every one gives them 5 out of 5 stars but about half don’t even mention the Needak but refer to rebounding or rebounders generally.

Needak also has a store for Canadian customers which is nice.

Our Recommendation: Needak is definitely one of the better brands of rebounders. A Needak soft-bounce, non-folding rebounder offers the best value in their lineup.

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