Marcy Rebounder Reviews

Marcy Rebounder image

The Marcy brand rebounder is cheap and you get what you pay for. It is 48″ in diameter which is actually a great size, but this is not a high quality rebounder.

Marcy has a steel frame and a little handle bar for extra stability, and you might need it. This rebounder does not have a very even bounce. This makes it harder to keep your balance.

This means it can work fine if you just bounce straight up and down. But if you go side to side or forward or back a bit, you’ll feel the bounce affect your body differently. It can even be painful.

The bounce is pretty stiff and unforgiving. It really feels like you might actually hurt yourself if you were to use this thing regularly.

The Marcy rebounder is really built more like a traditional mini-trampoline than a rebounder. Don’t expect it to last more than a few months if you exercise with it regularly.

As you could say with most products you buy at Walmart, the price is great, but you know you aren’t getting the highest quality. The Marcy rebounder epitomizes this perspective.

It’s usually safe to say that a well built rebounder will never cost less than $100. You can find a Marcy for as little as $60 in some places.

It’s also safe to say that you should buy your rebounder from a rebounding company, you know, one who specializes in rebounders. Marcy is a fitness equipment company who also makes home gyms, weight benches and steppers. That should say enough right there.

Our Recommendation: Avoid this rebounder and never buy it under any circumstances. Using it may actually cause you more harm than good.