Lympholine Rebounder Reviews

lympholine rebounder image

They Lympholine rebounder is very unique. It comes with springs actually inside of the legs, a design that is supposed to give you more cushion to your bounce.

Unfortunately, all they do is make this rebounder extra noisy. And the warranty is only 1 year on all the parts, so it’s not like they are confident these things will last anyway.

The funny thing about the Lympholine is that they have the nerve to call themselves “the Rolls Royce of Rebounders.” They get props for at least calling their product a rebounder and not a trampoline.

To be honest the bounce on the Lympholine is quite nice. It feels very smooth and even. The leg springs tend to work a bit better on a harder surface though.

The best way to use a Lympholine is simply to not remove your feet from the mat. Simply bounce up and down with your feet securely on the mat.

You can do this with any rebounder, but it really feels the best on the Lympholine, probably due to the spring loaded legs. They claim to have the softest bounce in the world and have the comparison charts to prove it, but their comparison chart is a home made piece of junk Microsoft Word file that doesn’t scientifically prove anything.

If you can deal with the noise, it’s a pretty nice rebounder. But the price tag is $429 which is a little more than most rebounder.

One reason I would be careful about the claims of the Lympholine is that the maker also peddles Gua Shua kits. They are supposedly a 2,000 year old ancient Chinese tradition that cleanses the body of toxins, kind of like those kooky foot pads. Kind of ruins the credibility of the website and its claims.

Our Recommendation: It’s a unique rebounder, but overpriced. Why pay more for something that does the same thing and feels the same?