JumpSport Rebounder Reviews

JumpSport Rebounder image

JumpSport makes two kinds of rebounders, a steel spring rebounder and something they call a Fitness Trampoline. In case you are wondering what the Fitness Trampoline is, just think of a cheap Bellicon rip-off.

In fact, Bellicon has the patent on bungee elastic rebounders, so I’m not entirely sure how JumpSport gets away with using elastic cords instead of springs on this thing. They call it FlexBounce technology and EndurLast cords. Again, fancy name for “Bellicon ripoff.”

The steel spring rebounder is ok. It has a 5 year warranty on the frame which isn’t bad, but 1 year on other parts. It uses a polypropylene mat instead of the permatron like the fitness trampoline. Oddly, the fitness trampoline compares itself to a steel spring rebounder and says it won’t get squeaky like steel springs and it has a gentle, smooth bounce instead of a jarring, unpleasant bounce.

Since JumpSport sells a steel spring rebounder, I would probably cross it off my list if that’s how they say their elastic band trampoline compares to a steel spring rebounder.

The warranty on the Fitness Trampoline is lifetime on the frame, 5 years on the mat, 2-6 years (Depends on model) on the elastic bands and 1 year on other parts. So this is similar to a Bellicon but at a fraction of the cost and a better warranty. Not too shabby.

The downside would be the mat size. They only come in a 39″ frame which isn’t as big as the largest Bellicon. But the design looks pretty cool and the legs are a bit arched for better stability and support which is nice.

So since JumpSport sells a steel spring rebounder at $99 and then tries to sell an elastic cord rebounder by calling steel spring rebounders terrible, I would definitely pass on the steel spring rebounder. They say themselves that it is noisy and jarring.

However their Fitness Trampolines are pretty comparable to a Bellicon. They are also a bit higher off the ground which is nice if you are in the 200 lbs. range.

The problem with this and any elastic bands is that they will eventually wear out and the warranty isn’t lifetime, so you will pay for extra parts eventually. But since these rebounders are only $200 – $379, they might make more sense for you than a Bellicon, even if the bounce isn’t quite as smooth and even.

Our Recommendation: If you really like a Bellicon but can’t afford it, the JumpSport is a good alternative. This will still cost a lot more in the long run as you will replace parts, so you’ve been warned.