Gaiam Rebounder Reviews

Gaiam Rebounder image

The Gaiam rebounder is not a rebounder, it is a mini trampoline. The difference is in the construction. Gaiam puts clanky steel springs in their trampoline system.

Simply examine their springs next to the springs in something like the ReboundAIR and you will notice a huge difference. Bounce on the Gaiam and then a reputable rebounder and you will feel the difference too.

It does come with a little monitor that counts bounces and time which is neat, but it isn’t that great.

It can never be said enough about these products that Gaiam is not a rebounding exercise company. Gaiam makes Yoga videos and random fitness accessories and gear.

They sell a trampoline system because it is getting popular so they are trying to attach a known, reputable brand to a product in hopes of selling it.

This has worked to some degree, but just because the name Gaiam is on this thing, doesn’t mean it isn’t a piece of garbage. If you want a mini-trampoline, don’t waste $100 on the Gaiam trampoline system, just buy some cheap $20 thing from Walmart. Either way you’re getting some cheap trash made in China anyway.

Our Recommendation: Don’t waste your money on Gaiam. Their trampoline system is not worth it.