Freedom Spring Rebounder Reviews

Freedom Spring Rebounder image

Freedom Spring has taken a very innovative approach to rebounding. Their rebounder is pretty standard except for its shape. The rectangular shaped rebounder actually has a slightly larger bouncing surface because of it’s shape.

The real innovation comes with the wall mount resistance cables. You can basically attach this frame to your wall and do resistance upper body workouts while you are doing normal rebounding aerobics.

The whole system is called The Freedom Spring System. You can get just the wall mount if you would like for $125 – $175. This wouldn’t be a bad idea to enhance the workout you’re already getting from your rebound exercises. You can get the whole system for about $400.

There’s really nothing special about their actual rebounder except for the shape. The bounce is definitely not as soft as some of the higher end models out there, but it’s not bad compared to a Marcy.

Dr. James Rota is the founder and has a pretty incredible success story. It should be pointed out that any rebounder of sufficient quality would likely have achieved the same results.

At any rate, the wall mount is certainly kind of fun, but a bit difficult to get the hang of at first. Hand weights would be a much easier way to go, although might not give you quite as good of a workout.

Our Recommendation: For more of a full body workout, go with the Freedom Spring System. You will get a much better upper body workout each time compared to just bouncing.

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