Cellerciser Rebounder Reviews

cellerciser rebounder image

Cellerciser has been on the market since 1998 and is a very well made rebounder. It may be the best made rebounder even. In the words of David Hall, the founder, it “is designed with triple-tiered™ carbon steel annondized springs and all-steel construction.” That’s industry lingo for “not some $20 mini trampoline from Walmart.”

To be honest, the triple-tiered springs are patented and work well. The bounce on a Cellerciser feels even and smooth. The interesting thing is that it seems to offer the same bounce to people of all shapes and sizes.

The design of this spring system can actually adjust to the weight of the user. This makes it great for family use so that multiple people can use it.

You can get a Cellerciser in either half-fold or tri-fold, so storage is not an issue. The Cellerciser is sold as a kit, so you also get books, an exercise chart and workout video.

This does raise the cost though, most especially on the tri-fold which comes with a built-in dolly carrying case. A Cellerciser kit will run anywhere from $325 – $499.

You can definitely feel the difference between the bounce on a Cellerciser and a cheap mini-trampoline from a sporting goods store. The Cellerciser is a quality rebounder so if you want to get the best but don’t want to shell out for a Bellicon, then buy a Cellerciser.

Our Recommendation: This is definitely the best rebounder for the money and one you could get for your home that your whole family could use and enjoy. The half-fold Cellerciser kit will offer the most value for you.

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