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Bellicon rebounders are one of the best, if not the best, rebounders in the world today. Bellicon owns the patent on the bungee band rebounder so you can always tell a Bellicon by its distinctive bungee cord rings.

Bellicon USA was founded in 2010 as a franchise of the Swiss company Bellicon AG. This is why a quick search for Bellicon might bring up some websites that are not in English. Bellicon USA is headquartered in Chicago but manufactures all of their rebounders in Germany.

A Bellicon rebounder has several advantages and disadvantages as well. First, let’s look at the positives.

The bounce on a Bellicon rebounder is unmatched. Bellicon offers two types of rebounders, a standard model and a premium model. The only difference is that the premium is made of stainless steel, so it is a shiny metal color instead of black. The bounce and suspension system is identical for both. Honestly, don’t spend the extra $220 for the premium.

The reason the bounce is so incredible is the engineering. Bellicon has patented bungee chords, not hard springs. This sets it apart in a league of its own. You can also customize the color of your bungee chords as well as their strength and durability. They have chords designed for people under 80 lbs. and chords strong enough to hold someone 301-440 lbs.

You can also customize the size and choose between 39″, 44″ or 49″ in diameter. This helps give you a more comfortable bounce based on your size as well. You can also choose between folding legs or legs that screw on. You can even get your mat in different colors. If you buy a Bellicon it truly is your own.

The downside is with buying the best you have a big price tag. The standard Bellicon rebounder is $679, with the Premium going for $899. This is a very steep price compared to the alternatives out there. What’s worse is the warranty is only 5 years on the frame and mat and a meager 1.5 years on the bungee chords. Replacement chords come at $85.

Price is really the only disadvantage of the Bellicon. You pay a lot up front and can potentially pay a lot more in the coming decades as you replace your rebounder if the warranty is expired. But that’s just the price to pay for something top of the line. If it helps, just think about the cost of an alternative, like a treadmill or elliptical. $679 would be a steal for a treadmill, and a Bellicon rebounder will provide you with better exercise than a treadmill ever could.

Our Recommendation: If you have the money to get a Bellicon, then get a Bellicon. It’s well worth it.

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3 thoughts on “Bellicon Rebounder Reviews

  1. Just ordered a Jumpsmart 570Pro. The Bellicon. Looks like it’s stretching down way too much and the bounce is too high for the proper g force

  2. Just ordered the Jumpsmart 570Pro 44inch. I did not get the Bellicon because it bounces inward way too much and rebounds upward too much which does not give you the proper G Force.

  3. Product is great, customer service is abysmal…seriously, THE WORST. I have left two messages per day for a month, called at all hours of the day and somehow NOBODY there is willing to return the call. It’s actually a very simple thing I need help with and NOBODY is available to assist. PATHETIC.

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