Health Benefits

The health benefits of rebounding are absolutely astounding. New research is constantly emerging in this field of exercise, and as we find more we will continue to post it, so keep checking back in every so often.

  • Rebounding has a low level of trauma to the musculoskeletal system (Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 1990: 10; 401-408)
  • The fastest way to increase blood flow and brain integration for improved vision (Dr R.M.Kaplin; O.D,M.Ed.)
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces toxins in the brain (Brian H. Butler, M.A. Director of the Academy of Kinesiology, Surbiton, Surrey UK)
  • Rebounding is a more effective exercise than running on a treadmill (NASA Rebound Exercise Report)
  • Rebound exercise significantly improves proprioception (Cornell Hospital for Special Surgery)
  • Benefits of rebounding include increased cardiorespiratory fitness levels, caloric expenditure, and possibly improved kinesthetic awareness (Colleen McGlone, B.S., Len Kravitz, Ph.D., and Jeffrey M. Janot, Ph.D.)
  • The maximum impact force on the rebounder was only 1/6th that of the wooden board track (A. W. Daniels, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Material Science and Engineering and Orthopedic Surgery of the University of Utah)
  • Rebounding has been shown to help children with learning disabilities (4.R. Glen Green. “Hyperactivity and the learning disabled child.” J. Onhomolecular Psychiatry 9:93-104. Second Quarter 1980.)

You can find other research and health benefits here including anti-stress benefits of performing rebounding aerobics on a regular basis.

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